Top 20 Signs of Stress

altPeople get absorbed in work and before they realize their current situation they spend days, weeks, months, and even years on a routine task that gets them stressed out furthermore. The sad thing about it is that people who are stressed are the first to deny their current state. I was in that situation a few years back until a family friend made me realize how stressed I was based on a conversation over dinner.

Below are the signs of stress you should keep tabs on:

1. Feeling sickly – you find yourself feeling sick a number of times throughout the week.

2. Physically sick – not only are you feeling sick, but you suffer from recurring cough, colds, sore throat, headaches.

3. Negatively aggressive – you are edgy, irritable, defensive.

4. Issues, issues, issues – you make an issue of things around you.

5. Enlarge them up – you enlarge small and minor things.

6. Fight round – you engage in colleague arguments every now and then.

7. Signs of aging – you become forgetful, unless you are hit hard by signs of aging, its not an excuse

8. Multi-task – you try to multi-task all the time. The truth is, you can’t focus.

9. Daydreaming – you day dream a lot.

10. Tired – you are tired of life, physically tired, emotionally tied

11. Coffee thirsty – you can’t start the day with energy without coffee. You can’t perform the whole day without your usual coffee schedule.

12. Procastinate – you are the king of procastination and argue you have other more important things to do

13. 25 hours – you wish there were more hours in a day than 24

14. Passively quiet – instead of being aggressive, you try to be passively quiet as often as possible.

15. Self-pity – you succumb to self-pity

16. Huge appetite – it takes four hours to digest food but you seem to be starving every hour and end up feeling bloated in the afternoon

17. Clutter – clutter is around you, some are simple receipts that have stayed for months or years around you.

18. Loser – you have low self-worth and feeling like a loser

19. Diminished social life – you missed a college reunion party, a friend’s birthday party, a wedding, etc.

20. People are your adversaries  – you can’t seem to see the good of people around you. They seem to be adversaries in your life

Above are the top twenty signs that you are stressed out. Most people are in self-denial about their situation but if you find yourself in a number of the above indicators, I would suggest you step back and reflect on your situation.

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