Timing Cashier and Customer Transactions

I was at Jollibee (local hamburger fast-food chain) yesterday and noticed the store manager holding a stopwatch and recording time transactions on a specific cashier.
I thought how much time the manager was wasting standing and doing a non-managerial task. Holding the stopwatch doesn’t give you accurate data as per the customer, number of orders made and kinds of food ordered. I ought to demote him or his upper management with that kind of thinking.

The higher management and I.T. department should have thought of ways to calculate time spent on each customer. The easiest and most accurate way to deal with this business process analysis is to embed a feature in their Point of Sales system that records transaction time starting from the time the cashier hits or records the first order to the time the order was given. Other factors and features could be included to improve the accuracy of data gathering which could be further studied in the analysis phase of the project management lifecycle.
I have seen and written so many commercial point of sales system but unfortunately this feature has never been included.
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