Sometimes Employment is Your Only Chance to Have Your Own Successful Business

I have read and heard from so many people how they disliked being an employee and wish to have a business to become rich. They did not like the idea of working for someone else and making others rich.
The business
Unless you are the rare Steve Ballmer of Microsoft who is one of the richest man in the world despite being an employee, having and growing your own business is one of the best ways to get rich and earn more than the average worker.

The employee
I believe working in the right company would help you prepare in becoming a successful business man. The right company means it gives you the knowledge and training not found in schools, pays you well, has a great career progression, and helps you build your reputation, influence and network.
Case in point
A long list of billionaire business men which include Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft,, etc. were able to put up their company because of the money, training, network, influence and a lot of other things they gained from their previous employers.
This week Bob Nardelli, CEO of Home Depot, was fired and paid 210 million dollars in severance packages. Could you imagine what you can do with that amount? United Health mobile CEO received 1 billion in separation pay, etc.
A senior executive I know here in the Philippines earns around 1 million dollars a year and is only in his early thirties. That is a very large amount in our country which gives him the resources to put up a McDonalds franchise every year or any non-conflict business even on a monthly basis. With the influence and network he gained from being an employee; putting up successful businesses is not that difficult.
Top executives to small business owners
Working in a large corporation is so different from running a small business; but nevertheless, executives should be smart enough to use their training and skills to their advantage in operating their business. History has proven that executives can become business owners so while some may argue that their skills are not needed, those that can see and use their strength and skills to their advantage has the edge over their competition.
Why wait?
Not everyone is born rich nor have the resources to start their own business. If working for someone else is your only source of income, make sure you stop day dreaming of owning your business and make the most of your employment. Stop complaining and whining, the worst thing is not having your own business and becoming a mediocre employee.

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