Personal Development

Personal development is everyone’s business which does not restrict itself to race, status, age, culture, etc. Personal development is about awareness and continuous improvement on ones’ physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well being. Developing yourself is perhaps the most important investment you are going to make, so it’s best to take it seriously and practice consistently.
Steps for your personal development

Realization – first and foremost you should be able to realize that improving oneself in different aspects would greatly benefit and help you become happy, fulfilled and successful in life.
Commitment – once you have realized the need for personal development you should ask yourself how much effort you are willing to put for consciously living a life of personal development.
Prioritization – once you have decided to live a life of personal development, you should be able to decide on what to improve in yourself. Personal development is wide and range from physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of oneself. Look at areas which you need improvements immediately and the most. You may also decide to balance each of these areas of your personal development and improve all of them on small increments rather than focusing on just one area.
First step – once you have decided the areas for your personal development goals, take the first step. Every journey begins with a step.
Journal – having journal for your personal development goals and activities is not required and depends on a case to case basis. The complexity or simplicity of your journal will depend on your comfort level. The most important part is to be able to remember and track your goals which are needed as you journey in developing yourself.
Checkpoint – set checkpoints monthly, quarterly or yearly to stop and evaluate whether you are meeting your personal development tasks and goals. Awareness in your performance and progress is beneficial to your success.
Personal development is a lifetime journey where everyone should participate in. The magnitude of steps and actions of your personal development is not as important as being consistent and persistent no matter how small the steps are taken to improve oneself.
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