Media Brainwashes People the Definition of Success

Have you ever dreamed about being successful? Most people dream of being successful but very few people understand what success means.
I am reading a post of Seth Godin entitled “Successful?” which questions the definition of success and tells us how outside forces tell us the meaning of being successful.
I quickly remembered my professor back in college (almost a decade ago) asking me the definition of success, and me growing up idolizing Bill Gates, I quickly cited him as my definition of success. She didn’t seem convince of my answer and soon after bombarded me with tons of questions:

1. Do you mean success is being the richest man in the world?
2. Does that mean I am not successful being a teacher only?
3. Can you consider Priest who doesn’t have material wealth a failure?
4. Is your mother a housewife (I answered yes)? So she’s a failure too?
5. Is success reserved only for people the world recognize?
6. etc…

The point my professor (Gemma Lacanlale) was driving is that the definition of success is not what the media feeds us with; but is something that a person should define on his own terms, his own level of happiness, choice and fulfillment in life. When all is said and done, what matters most is the peace you have going on to the next life.
Read Seth post here.
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