A Keen Look on Newspapers Becoming an Ancient Relic

I am reading this article from Fast Company entitled “Are Newspapers Becoming Ancient Relics?”
“If newspapers were invented tomorrow they would be hailed as a miracle innovation. They are cheap, paper thin, easy to annotate and don’t use batteries. You can read them in the bath and when you’ve finished with them they can be thrown away and safely recycled.”

This is an interesting article that looks how newspapers can become extinct because of the digital media revolution happening nowadays which clearly decreases the number of people reading news on paper. However, writer Richard Watson looks into different innovations being done by the mainstream media to remain in business. Richard also discusses brand loyalty as a strong determining factor that will keep newspapers for generations to come.
One example I could think about brand loyalty is Superman that no matter how many super heroes come into play, Superman will continuously be Superman. Innovations are also evident as with the case of Smallville and Superman’s latest movie evolving him into fighting a modern technological nemesis Lex Luthor.
You may read the full article here.
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