Liveblogging: NBA Finals Lakers vs Celtics Game 7 (17 Jun 2010)

NBA Finals Lakers vs Celtics Game 7Los Angeles Lakers (0) vs Boston Celtics (0)
Winner:Los Angeles Lakers
LAKERS 2010 NBA Champions
00:00 Ball scrambles from Boston to Lakers as time runs out
00:11.7 BOS 79 LA 83, Vujacic scores two free throws
00:16.2 BOS 79 LA 81, Rondo scores a three point shot
00:25.7 BOS 76 LA 81, Kobe Bryant scores two free throws
00:25 BOS 76 LA 79, Kobe Bryant missed a three point shot, Gasol rebounds the ball, kicks it out to Bryant. Bryant fouled by Rasheed Wallace. Wallace fouls out.
00:42 BOS 76 LA 79, Ray Allen with a three point shot
00:56 BOS 73 LA 79, Ron Artes with a three point shot
01:18 BOS 73 LA 76, Rasheed Wallace with a three point shot
01:22 BOS 70 LA 76, Gasol power move
02:14 BOS 70 LA 74, Pierce scored two free throws
02:14 BOS 68 LA 74
02:47 Lakers leading by 5, BOS 68 LA 73
02:47 Pau Gasol gets an open lane for the dunk, fouled by Garnett
03:02 Kevin Garnett slams the ball
03:46 Rugged game, Lakers leading by four. Bryant having a killers instinct, pushing it to the basket. Fouled by Boston, Kobe missed first free throw.
05:21 Kobe Bryant scores a jumper, wow he is getting back at last
05:56 Kobe Bryant finally giving Lakers the lead after three quarters on a free throw
06:07 Epic battle, Ray Allen gives Celtics a 3 point lead, but Derek Fisher quickly ties it up with a three at the other end
07:29 Lakers Ron Artest ties the game for Boston and Lakers
09:00 BOS 59 LA 55
09:54 Kobe loses the back at mid court, and on the way down, he commits a blocking foul. Nice Kobe Bryant.
10:28 Kobe on the game again, missed the shot, good work.
11:43 BOS 57 LA 54, Gasol with a nice fake and scoring two points
11:44 BOS 57 LA 53
Third quarter ended – now we have a game courtesy on the power of Gasol, Odom, Artes. Lakers role players. Kobe 5 of 20.
00:35 Odom, Gasol, Artest battled for the offensive rebound, Gasol phenomenal on the offensive glass
02:12 Kobe rebounds the ball, but loses it at the other end as defended by Ray Allen, Celtics on a fast break, Rondo fouled, missed 1 free throw, Davis rebounded, but stole by Artes
02:37 Fisher injured goes back to locker room, Gasol scored two points. Kobe at last scored 2 points prior to Gasol.
02:37 Terrific block from Pau Gasol
04:13 Bryant had a chance to cut the lead to four, he fumbled passed it to nowhere, an Celtics shot a three point shot. Bryant 4 of 19 from the field. Odom scored two points, the legacy of Game 7 is on the shoulders of role players, not Kobe.
05:38 Lead down to eight, BOS 51 LA 45. Lakers role players doing it for LA — Odom, Fisher, and Gasol. Kobe Bryant looks like a freaking rookie out there.
08:53 Lakers instead of going back with flare got buried by 11 points, the biggest lead of the Celtics. This is not turning into an epic battle. Lakers getting demolished. This is freaking bad.
Second half
Second half ended BOS 40 LA 34
What the hell! Is this the Bryant legacy for Game 7? Rajon Rondo, Rasheed Wallace, and Ron Artest played far better than Kobe Bryant.
00:09 This is a bad game for the Lakers as they only shot 26%, didn’t have a nice flow to the game, Bryant struggled throughout the game.
04:53 Stupid foul by Kevin Garnett, he now has three freakin fouls. He’s going back to the bench. This is stupid
05:18 Lakers has already missed 30 shots, they are just 11 percent on the field. They have lots of offensive rebounds. It is the only thing keeping them on this game
05:21 BOS 27 LA 25
06:58 Game already tied, Artes rebound and follow up gives them the lead. Rondo quickly ties it up with a drive. Rondo is so fast. He is the future of the Boston Celtic.
10:18 BOS 23 LA 19
10:18 Farmer missed a jumper, Artes rebounds and puts back. Lakers has cut the lead.
10:43 Pierce with a pull up but missed, rebound by Boston, Rondo jump
shot missed, rebound by Gasol
11:12 Free throw by Odom, made two baskets
11:24 Bryant finally scored a basket. A pump fake got the defender up high.
2nd quater – under the way
1st quarter BOS 23 LA 14
This is not looking good for Lakers and Kobe Bryant after scoring the opening three point shot went on to miss the next 6 shots. If Kobe plays like this in the second quarter, the confidence of Boston would be boosted tremendously. When Celtics is playing well, they don’t let up even if its on the road
— Lakers pushing the ball forward, vujajic gives the ball to Kobe, Kobe shoots from right of the wing, misses badly. Celtics with a rebound and a final three point shot from Ray Allen just before the buzzer but misses
35.5″ BOS 22, LAL 14
35.5″ Davis free throw
42” Pierce setting up play. Pierce drives and passes it to baby Davis. Davis fouled on the way to the basket.
1’13” Lakers running the floor with Farmer missing a drive
1’20” Garnett gets his second foul. Damn I don’t want this guy spending his time on the bench. This should be a strong game between the two
1st half – the lakers started strong via Kobe Bryan’t opening three point shot, followed by Pau Gasol in the paint muscle
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