Los Angeles Lakers 2010 NBA Champions

Los Angeles Lakers 2010 NBA ChampionsThe Los Angeles Lakers are the 2010 NBA Champions behind the power of Gasol, Artes, Odom and Kobe Bryant.
Boston Celtics held on the lead for the first three quarters until Kobe Bryant gave Lakers the lead with 5:51 remaining via a free throw shot.
Congratulations to Los Angeles Lakers!
The last few minutes had this series of actions:
LAKERS 2010 NBA Champions
00:00 Ball scrambles from Boston to Lakers as time runs out
00:11.7 BOS 79 LA 83, Vujacic scores two free throws
00:16.2 BOS 79 LA 81, Rondo scores a three point shot
00:25.7 BOS 76 LA 81, Kobe Bryant scores two free throws
00:25 BOS 76 LA 79, Kobe Bryant missed a three point shot, Gasol rebounds the ball, kicks it out to Bryant. Bryant fouled by Rasheed Wallace. Wallace fouls out.
00:42 BOS 76 LA 79, Ray Allen with a three point shot
00:56 BOS 73 LA 79, Ron Artes with a three point shot
01:18 BOS 73 LA 76, Rasheed Wallace with a three point shot
01:22 BOS 70 LA 76, Gasol power move
02:14 BOS 70 LA 74, Pierce scored two free throws

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