Big Upset Switzerland beats Spain in FIFA World Cup 2010

Liveblogging: Spain vs Switzerland (16 Jun 2010)This is the biggest upset so far on FIFA World Cup 2010 as the goliath Spain (European Champions) who has never lost to Switzerland in any International game bowed down to Switzerland on a goal by Gelson Fernandes on the 51st minute.
This only proves that heart, patience, determination and being on the right place at the right time can move mountains. When Switzerland scored the goal they only had two shots on the goal while Spain already had fourteen. Switzerland was dominated on possession as Spain just had the ball most of the time while Switzerland just kept a strong defensive effort and when they saw an opportunity they grabbed it. There are a number of lessons learned here as I have outlined above, something you can use to your advantage.
I have posted a video on this. The goal of Gelson Fernandes is found here — Goal Scored Gelson Fernandes: Spain (0) vs Switzerland (1).
I have also liveblogged on this. Details of the match is found here — Liveblogging: Spain vs Switzerland (16 Jun 2010)

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