FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa

This is it! The greatest sporting event, FIFA World Cup 2010, has finally arrived.
My interest in FIFA World Cup started in the days of Diego Maradona but I became crazy on this sport following the rise of Ronaldo from Brazil from which point I have been a Brazilian super fan. I also route for Italy as influenced by my school of 11 years which was run by Italian priests – Salesians of Don Bosco.
I have been watching all the games of FIFA World Cup in locations where expats and foreigners gather on a festive manner. Given the timezone difference in the past World Cup, I found it very tiring and difficult going to office on 1 to 2 hours of sleep.
Today, I have decided to take a 1 month vacation leave to track all the 64 games. I prepared going to South Africa this year but plans changed when I got married late last year and my son born earlier this year. I would rather save the money and wait for the next World Cup where my son and wife can go with me.
Nonetheless, the FIFA World Cup South Africa would still be a blast as I would be tracking and reporting all 64 games in my sports blog — FIFA World Cup – Sporati. I am liveblogging every event and posting articles, videos, pictures throughout the day until we see Brazil win the FIFA World Cup 2010. I have high hopes for Brazil and still route for Italy, but I think this would be a good year for Argentina led by the greatest footballer Lionel Messi.
Join me in the crazy world of the World Cup where every man, nation unite in sportsmanship, teamwork and spirit.

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