Industrialize Mentor Mentee Concept

I am reading a post from Slacker Manager about finding a mentor. Everyone needs a mentor and mentor themselves indirectly need mentees to help them stay sharp and focus. Finding a mentor outside the workplace would not be as complicated as finding a mentor inside the organization especially when stewardship is not a core value of the business.

Importance of Mentor Mentee Concept
The importance of the mentor and mentee concept within the organization depends on the type of business, career progression, opportunities, business process departments, etc. If there aren’t a lot of opportunities for growth and career progression, a mentor mentee program is not as important compared to an environment that requires a lot of movement, innovation and progression.
Example in Point
If you are in a fast paced software industry working in one of the leading technology companies, a mentor is very important in providing guidance and helping you to progress together or ahead of your peers. A mentor would make sure you have the right skills to compete today and tomorrow.
Mentor for Everyone
No matter how important the mentor and mentee concept is to your type of business, industrializing the concept would give you advantage against your competitors. A system which helps promote continuous development and progress among the workforce has great benefits more than you care to realize.
Slacker Manager post here.
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