How High Do You Value Integrity?

One of the regular sections in our company’s internal newsletter features an interview to a chosen senior management about the core value he holds at the highest regard. Ninety-nine percent of senior management interviewed says integrity is the value they value the most and should be at the core of everyone’s character.

Integrity is the foundation of a person’s value system which ensures the practice of all other values of a person.
Integrity is a value, like persistence, courage and industriousness. Even more than that, it is the value that guarantees all the other values. You are a good person to the degree to which you live your life consistent with the highest values that you espouse. Integrity is the quality that locks in your values and causes you to live consistent with them.
Integrity is the foundation of character; and character development is one of the most important things you should invest for yourself. Working on your character means disciplining yourself to do more and more of those things that a thoroughly honest person would do, under all circumstances.
As a person, how high do you value integrity?
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