Increase my Productivity!

I have talked about the power of goals and how important it is to achieve your dreams and aspirations in life.
Before you think about the big picture you should remember that small things is vital to achieving big goals. In my day job I worked as an IT professional after studying four years in college and hopping from one company to another gaining the experience I need to reach where I am today.

Looking at my blogging earnings it would be logical to say that I should give up and put my energy in other things. Think again, I have only blogged for nine months and considering it took me almost nine years before my IT professional began to bloom; I cannot complain and feel discouraged with my blogging progression.

Having said that I looked at my present blogging/writing skill set and have figured out I need to work on certain areas first before I begin thingking of earning serious money from blogging.

I decided that for 2006 my blogging goals are as follows:
1. Writing Skills – For the next three months I plan to enroll on intermediate to advanced lessons on writing. I aim to learn different writing styles and when it is best to use them.
2. Resources – Since I blog for a number of sites right now: FIFA World Cup, NBA, SharePoint, Soccerati, CSIFanatic, LeadershipTurn and others; I need to make sure my resources of information are well organized in such a way that I would be able to get them read them quick and blog about it. I have started doing this grouping all my tags in Delicious and slowly feeling them up with resources all categorized for each blogs I write for.
3. Routine – I need to figure out the most efficient routine to be able to make the most number of post in a day without sacrificing quality content. Right now, I am experimenting on reading various information and news at night and wake up early to post based on what I have read the previous night. It seems I am able to post twice the number in the morning than at night.
4. Network – I need to incrementally increase my online friends to ten every month through commenting and mailing on them.
5. Post – I aim to accomplish all the things above within three months and be able to average around 8 high quality posts a day for all my blogs.
6. Income – I hope to increase my earnings at 5 percent/month during the third quarter of this year and push it up to around 7.5 percent/month on the remaining quarter.
To sum it all up; my goal is increase my productivity in terms of the number of high quality posts each day and see my earnings steadily increase as my posts climbs up.
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