War for Talent

Since I graduated back in 2000 I have signed with six different companies and have worked with five of them; meaning I transferred from one company to another.
Was it difficult at first?
It was difficult and tiring and initially scary because finding a job is hard and stressful.
How come I managed to move from one company to another?
I did not look for the job but I positioned myself for the job to look for me. Technically speaking I did submit my resumes initially but after that job hunters and companies kept on calling even three to four years after.

Why did I do it?
For larger and deeper exposure for maximum payoffs both in my short-term and long-term goals.
Who inspired me?
Almost 5 years ago while working on my second company I read the front page of our internal newsletter that said:

War for Talent!

In the very long edition of that newsletter it detailed all the talent the company snatched from other companies and have explained how they were engaging and strengthening their arsenal in the war for talent. It led me to realize that for companies to stay competitive they have to look for ways to win people. And normally companies who are willing to do this are those that are at the higher bracket who can offer more than anyone else.
What are the Steps I took to become highly valuable?
It took me a few simple steps to remain competitive and highly valuable in my industry.
1. I searched the internet on market trends – This is very important. To be able to get high valuations you should be at a level that is most profitable to the business.
In turn, the business will reward you with higher compensation and better opportunities both.
2. I read classified ads – Upon learning about the technologies and skill sets that will most likely be big businesses in the future, I searched and read for job classified ads specifically targeting large companies I validated their job openings whether they were moving in the direction that the market predicts.
3. Contacts – I began building contacts with job hunters and human resource personnel that have business relationships with companies I target based on market trends and their vision I cannot stress enough how important contacts are in any business environment. I am not using contacts here as an avenue to get yourself in despite lack of talent (appropriate for another post) but rather getting the right people aware about your talents. There is a War for Talent but before companies go after you they should know you exist.
4. I reflect where my present situation is headed – When I learned that the market predictions and company initiatives were aligned I began spending more than normal number of hours learning and honing those skill sets. Also, I decide if my present situation and future projects in the company would empower the next wave of technologies.
Often whenever you are engaged in long-term projects your technology shift has a waiting time of one to two years. And if requests for transfer are rejected then my resignation follows.
One thing I learned throughout the years is that companies do everything possible to snatch valuable and highly talented individuals to work for them.
How will you position yourself? As the individual that goes after companies? Or as the individual that companies go after?
What direction shall you take??
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