How to Deal with Cold, Sleepy and Boring Days

Marvel IcemanNot everyday is an energetic and bright day to wake up and go to work. Once in a while we open our eyes in the morning feeling all sleepy, the weather is nice and cold, there isn’t any deadline or deliverable throughout the day at work and we find ourselves dragging our feet to work.
How do we deal with this? Do we call in sick and spend the day at home? Do we come in late for work an hour or two? I strongly advice against either of the two because this can start a lazy habit were we’ll have a more difficult time dealing with in the future.
What to do in this situation?
1. It’s funny because sometimes I try to convince myself that I am sick. I do have a fever thermometer on bedside and when I feel I am sick, I grab it and test my temperature.
2. If the thermometer says you have a fever, then we can’t do anything about it but call in sick. Otherwise, I tell myself it’s all in the “mind”.
3. Think of something that inspires you. It could be any of the following:

1. A simple quote
2. The thought of your family
3. Anything that inspires you in the workplace

4. Push with force. Remember, you are not sick. It’s all in the mind. With one big push, get up.
5. Go straight to a routine that stimulates you. What gets your mind going? Checking the latest items in ebay? Checking the latest discounts? Any physical activity? Going to the bathroom?
6. Once your mind is stimulated, go ahead and get yourself a nice shower
7. You should be awake by now, go ahead and get yourself a good breakfast.
Always remember, cold, boring and sleepy days always come. Don’t use this time to get into a lazy habit but rather use it to exercise discipline and self-control.
You are not sick, it’s all in the mind.

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