How Do You Want Your Steak Sir? Cloned or Normal?

My sister doesn’t eat pork because she thinks it is dirty compared to beef. I told her about an article I read that cows today can produce 50 times more milk in a day than it used to because of the advancements of genetics and technology. I would joke at my sister that at least technologists wouldn’t spend time re-engineering pigs than they do with cows (I don’t know of any side effects it has on cows and those that consume them).

Anyways, I could add more to the cow hazard than genetic re-engineering — cloning. MSN reports about hamburgers made from cloned cows. In an excerpt: Every Friday for the past year or so, Cyagra employees have been eating their way through the thousands of pounds of beef left over from the 11 clones that the company had raised and slaughtered for a cloned-meat study.
“We started with the steaks, which we grilled all summer long, and now we have hamburger meat left over,” Trimmer says. Steve Mower, the company’s director of marketing, says, “She cooks (the burgers) just right. They’re delicious.”
The next time we order stake, the waiter wouldn’t ask – Well done? Medium rare? Instead, cloned or normal?
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