The Next Breakthrough Shouldn't be on Cloning but on finding a Cure for Cancer

Gloria over at Cancer Commentary is solicting cancer stories (found here) as she was inspired by Melissa Petri’s post When a Parent is Terminally Ill.
I feel sad how science and technology hasn’t come close to finding a solution to this problem. I don’t think scientists can’t do it, I just feel there isn’t much interest to finding a cure for it.

I remembered an article which boasts about the greatest discovery in history — Cracking Human Genome; which led to successful cloning of living things. It discussed how the impossible became possible and scientist can become God? My last post entitled How Do You Want Your Steak Sir? Cloned or Normal? says it all.
I know financial gains brought about by cloning is gigantic compared to finding a cure to cancer. Nevertheless, I hope their next biggest discovery is finding that cure.
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