Genarlow Wilson Should have been if it wasn't for One Mistake

Genarlow Wilson
I feel sad whenever I read about people who should have had an excellent career had it been for one mistake they made. What adds salt to the pain is when these people are still very young and have seen their lives turn from brightness to darkness in one sweeping motion.

Such is the case with Genarlow Wilson whom I believe should not be where he is right now. There are so many criminals roaming the streets, criminals who where released and wreaking havoc in their locality, a teacher who was released despite clear evidence of child molestation, etc.; but here is Genarlow, suffering from what could have been a bright and outstanding player in NFL for something both he and the girl wanted to do. If it was an act forced by Genarlow then I would not care the slightest. Maybe he’s color was just plain different, or maybe not…
In an excerpt from ESPN: The image of a bright future dimming with each passing day is what infuriates so many people. Wilson should be held up as an example of a kid who was making it. His life should be protected by society, not destroyed. He was a good student, with a 3.2 grade point average. He was popular, the school’s homecoming king, liked by students and teachers. He never got into any trouble with the law. He was a track and football star. His last two years, he was the defensive back assigned to cover Calvin Johnson, the former Sandy Creek High star who went on to Georgia Tech and is now projected as a top pick in the NFL draft. Wilson studied film, trying to figure out how to outsmart a better and taller athlete. He did well, coaches remember, limiting Johnson to four catches in two games.
Later in the evening, a 17-year-old girl began to have sex with the young men, first in the bathroom, then on the bed. Genarlow is captured on tape appearing to have sex with the girl from behind. Her hand is clearly visible on the floor supporting herself. Witnesses said she was a willing participant.

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