Serena Williams is a Neat Example of Winning Against All Odds

Serena Williams Australian Open 2007 Champion
She conquered Maria Sharapova despite people telling her she wasn’t ready and healthy enough to compete in the Australian Open. She believed in herself and was glad she remained firm and decided to compete hard in the Australian Open.

She is a great example of someone who shuts the world’s negativity and focus on her task at hand to give out the best performance a person could. She has shown resilience and determination to coming back in form as her World’s Ranking dropped as low as 140 in 2006 and she ranked 81st when the Australian Open began. Her ranking rose to number 14 in just two weeks because of her achievement.
People even in the corporate world have his ups and downs. It is fine and normal to be vulnerable at times; the most important thing is to be able to stand up and persevere.
Congratulations to Serena Williams for a great job! Keep it up!
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