Creative Thinking Is For Everyone

Creative thinking is for everyone but unfortunately stereotype has led us to believe that creativity is usually for artists.
Creative thinking is about generating a lot of great ideas which requires creativity. Creativity is not for select artistic individuals; it means continuous improvement. It is about doing something regularly and with conscious effort to improve every time you perform that task. Michael Jordan for instance wasn’t born making fade away jumpers; rather, he shot hundreds of them on a daily basis making sure he improves his technique along the way.

There is no shortage of creative ideas
If you pay attention to your environment you will realize so many people have creative ideas. People generating creative ideas are not only those confined to highly educated folks; but ordinary people you see and meet on the streets.
There is not shortage of great ideas; but there is a shortage of action taken by the person who should have helped him progress his status in life.
How to unleash your creative thinking?
Do not be bothered on generating great ideas that would translate to enormous success; rather, keep your ideas flowing and just determine along the way which ones are the biggest winners.
To generate a lot of ideas you should be able to generate a lot of questions. Creative thinking will happen when you begin to question things. Do not be contented with a single answer, and try to challenge and relate one question to another.
How to improve your creative thinking?
It takes time and patience to be able to think creatively. To be able to increase the level of creative thinking of an individual, he should be able to set a goal to aim for. Aside from a goal, the person should choose to be a master of one and not a jack of all trades.
People are not born as creative thinkers. Creative thinking is a work in progress and should be taken seriously throughout anyone’s career.
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