French and their Fortunate Work Culture

French already implements a 35-hour work week and generous vacation. That is very fortunate for them as most people I know wish they could work for less than 70 hours a week.
The French people got more fortunate as their minister is seriously looking into benefits of allowing them to take a nap on the job. This is awesome and how I wish it could be implemented in our workplace.
This is bad

Seriously, I believe employees who are sleepy would not be able to function well throughout the day and it would be best for them to be allowed to nap to become productive for at least a portion of the day. I don’t agree with it though because it would make people less disciplined of getting enough rest at night for an energetic day at work.
According to reports, sleepiness cause 20 to 30 percent of highway accidents and allowing employees to nap would help mitigate the problem.
Best implementation
There is such thing as personal leave, and if the employees need to take a nap during the day, they should be allowed to go to the clinic or a place to nap provided they would not get paid during that time. This would put control in how employees use their privilege to nap.
This is an innovative idea but less smart as I see it. They should instead provide venues to make people more disciplined and responsible to keeping alert and alive throughout the day.
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