Admirable Michael Dell

This is a very exciting time for Dell and its competitors especially HP since the founder of the company has returned as the CEO after the resignation of outgoing CEO Kevin Rollins.

HPs revenue has surged while the once dominant Dell began to dive after Michael left as CEO in 2004. Kevin Rollins was not able to continue the well oiled machine state of Dell; instead, the company faced troubles from securities and exchange, sales, market shares, stocks, etc.
Admirable Michael
You have to admire Michael Dell because despite the fall of the company he has remained a big supporter of Kevin. He said both of them are to be blamed for the performance of the business because they were working side by side as Chairman and CEO.
Looking forward
It would be interesting how fast Michael is going to bring back the lost momentum of the company as they are looking to regain their position and market share. I believe in his leadership and Dell would no doubt spell trouble to its competitors.
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