Chowking and their Web Mistake

I could not understand how come a Philippine restaurant, Chowking, have to make a complicated and full flash design of their website which derail people from getting the information they want. I have a fast internet and despite that look at the picture below.
Chowking Loading
I ended up at Yellow Cab

All I want is to see their menu and telephone for their delivery services. I am starving and couldn’t wait for their website to load; instead I went to Yellow Cab and had my meal ordered for delivery. The amount of time it took me to locate the Yellow Cab delivery phone number and had my order taken was equivalent to the amount of time the Chowking website loaded.
I wished the Chowking website had their phone number in the front page. I wished their menu had an html fast version. I wished their phone number and menu was on the same page. I wished the information I needed was presented fast enough.
I wonder who their consultant was for their website. I wonder who their IT decision makers are. I wonder if they ever thought about their audience.
Key Takeaway
It doesn’t matter how good your presentation or report is. What matters is having the information clear and quick to your audience. A customer or a boss who normally has little time needs to see the important things at the top. They should be concise and straight to the point; otherwise, they end up spending their limited time elsewhere.

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