Making Good Impression Towards Performance Evaluation

Last May 2007 our country had the national elections which means candidate posters and advertisements are all over the place.
Advertisements aside, one of the most noticeable things going on is the increased level of project constructions being made two months prior to the elections — road work, basketball courts, light posts, commuting shades, commuting overpass, etc. I was even thankful because the road I had to endure on our street and adjacent streets for the last three years having so many deep holes and cracks were instantly re-cemented a month before the elections.

In the Workplace as Well
Going the extra mile during crunch time doesn’t only happen in politics but in the workplace as well which includes:

1. Punctual at work and in all meetings
2. Being proactive
3. Suddenly finishing all tasks that lagged behind
4. Diligently attending team building and all social events
5. Volunteering on work outside primary job

There is nothing wrong on putting the extra effort before performance evaluation even during the end of the fiscal or calendar year. If you have done well throughout the year, raising your performance level towards the end bodes well for you since your manager or superior would see you as a strong finisher. On the contrary, if you haven’t done well in the past year, putting the extra effort would still help in taming your performance review.
Key Takeaway
No matter what the situation is, always end on a high and positive note!

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