Work Hard and Booze Hard

SharePoint Conference 2008
I had a lot of fun in Seattle and the picture above was taken in the Whisky Bar with US SharePoint Architects and Project Managers on-shore. We partied a lot during the week long conference and worked hard during the day.
I remember one of the stories of a colleague a few years back about one of their top executives who saw employees who can party and drink a lot of booze until the wee hours of the night and get to the office the following day by 8 am as those that has the “it” factor to climb on top of the corporate ladder.

For some reason, when you go up the corporate ladder you would be attending dinner and drinking beer with customers and other business leaders almost everyday of the week. Yeah, but probably that wasn’t what the top executive was thinking. I would think he meant people who can socialize and party hard while remaining focused on his goal are those that has the “it” factor to climb to the top. What do you think?
The Whisky Bar in Seattle
Whisky Bar
2000 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 443-4490

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