Inspiration from a 9 Year-old Kid

I was at the internet cafe yesterday playing network games with no one. Talk about network gaming. Anyways, it was a Saturday off-peak hour and I wouldn’t expect people crazy enough to be in a network cafe during that time except for me.
An hour has past when a kid came in and started playing DOTA. I invited him if we could team up and play against the artificial intelligence computer; but to my surprise, the kid refused and wanted to play 1 on 1 against me. After some small talk, I learned he was a 9-year old kid who was on his first day of summer vacation.

I knew I wouldn’t enjoy playing against him but I couldn’t refuse the challenge of a 9-year old because he showed a lot of guts and competitiveness in him. I liked his attitude. For almost two hours, I beat him badly but he improved after each game showing a lot of patience and determination to score a point against me.
The next time you feel chickening out, think of the 9-year old kid who challenged someone 20 years older than he was.
Seriously, did I mention we both have the same first name?

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