Why Does People Want to Be as White as Snow?

I went to the hyper mart this afternoon and over the beauty and personal hygiene section I saw so many products which promise to help you become white — whitening cream, soap, astringent, etc. Except for the new branding of Dove, almost every product simply wants you to become white as snow.
A thought came up; I’d invent a product line which delivers enhancement of blackness. Black is the new white.

Simply put, people are obsessed into turning themselves into someone they are not as long as society promotes them.
Business perspective
Similar to businesses, project managers should first look into the people resources they have, assess their skills and interests, and use their strengths to help boost the project. I found some project managers who would totally retool the person against his will even though his current skill is required and needed by the team.
Do not set your people to fail. Find out their strengths and use them as leverage to help your team win and win big.
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