Wal-Mart Should at Least Use their Latest Kid Tactics in a Better Light

Wal-Mart has made an online game that allow children to create “wish list” for the holiday and send the list via email to their parents as things to consider. But as kids, expectations are high and “things to consider” become “things I expect” this holiday season. What makes the online game horrible is how it applauds a kid when a toy is added to their list while whining they’ll lose their job when a toy is rejected.

The online game of Wal-Mart should have been awesome if used to encourage children to buy books, puzzles or education materials. Also they shouldn’t be directing the attention of kids to their “wish list” for parent to buy but rather a “gift” for Santa to consider if they have been good throughout the year. The spirit of Santa, child’s innocence and consciousness of doing well before they receive a reward is far better than what they have in place.
What if the child is past Santa? Does that mean Wal-Mart’s storyboard is acceptable? No.
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