Truthfulness is Expensive and Worthless, it Seems…

On my way home from work my attention was caught by a newly placed large billboard of Fila. The advertisement contained a picture of a child together with a text message which read that they are helping one soul for every shoe sold. Another bold message said all their products are priced as one.

It’s logical to think that they are going to get the average price of their lower and higher edition products to come up with a single price, which means their higher edition product lines are going to be so cheap. I immediately decided to head to the nearest Fila outlet; but changed my mind when I got very close to the billboard and was able to read a very small message, which said, the promo did not apply to their higher product lines.
That could have been very disappointing. Telling the truth is expensive and worthless when it doesn’t lean in favor of you. The truth when not in your favor is whispered in the hope that it shall be not be heard and missed completely.
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