The Truth About Giving Gifts in the Workplace during Christmas Season

What is the truth about giving gifts during Christmas season in the workplace? Simple, it is not compulsory. Don’t be forced, compelled or stressed out to give someone a gift because you received one from the person or either the person is your senior and would like to have a good impression on the boss.

Giving gifts in the workplace could be tricky especially when your office culture is highly professional and void of small-talks and family friendly culture. On the other hand, if your company culture is loose and people has a natural personal relationship within their circles, giving gifts is fine as long you are financially healthy to give them.
A few tips when giving gifts
1. Nothing fancy. Useful and low-cost items like paper weights, calendars, pencil, etc. are very good items to give. Usually during Christmas season you would find common items that were uniquely crafted for the season. My former superior gave all of her staff a pencil which had a nice and cute design; which you can only buy during Christmas, from a place we can’t figure out where. Something cool and useful!
2. Foods. Pastries, candies, brownies, etc. are usually the best gifts you could give in the
workplaces as they convey sweetness and thoughtfulness, without giving the notion that you are trying to impress or gain visibility; instead, it is about sharing bountiful blessings.
3. One for all, all for one. A single common gift for everyone save you from any favoritism issues or rumors.
4. Treat the boss like the rest. No special treatment is necessary for a superior. The last thing you want is to look like a politician. Being able to remember your superior is more than enough and any special gift is unnecessary.
4. Mass giving. If you don’t want to leave anyone out but is unable to prepare for everyone; bring a plastic of chocolates, cookies, etc. and place them in the pantry or designated area for people to help themselves with. You can send out an email to a distribution list about the cookies together with all your Christmas wishes for them.
Giving gifts in the workplace is different from giving them out to your family or friends. Remember that it isn’t compulsory so don’t burden yourself with it.
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