Successfully Start New Year 2011 on Fire

altGreetings and Happy New Year to everyone. The Year 2011 has landed and with anything new, it brings joy, excitement and above all “Hope” for everyone. On the television, radio, internet, newspaper, I could find a column or advice from someone about making a list of their New Years’ resolution.
Through the years I have managed to make a number of lists but unfortunately I would be excited early on and tracking of this list fades through the months.
Starting last year I decided to make things simple and set goals one at a time. With this strategy I get myself excited through each goal until I see it to completion. I am not doing anything different this year and instead of having a list I decided to focus on one goal for now that I want to see completed on the first month of this year. I am starting the New Year on fire with a specific goal and having a single goal keep things simple, the goal grabs my full attention which increase the chances of success.
This isn’t for everyone as a lot of people I know gets boosted by posting ton load of goals in front of them to start the New Year. If are comfortable with this approach and have come out completing each one of them throughout the year, then continue doing so.
I am on the other side of the fence, taking one goal at a time, starting and ending on fire for each goal, putting up additional coal to start burning the fire for the next goal.
While I have a number of things I want to accomplish this year, I am only thinking of one at the moment and that is to get momentum on “Professional Blogging”. I have been a Problogger for the last 4 years earning twice compared to my full-time job as a SharePoint Architect. I have semi-vacationed as a Problogger when I got married in November of 2009 and at the same time moved out of B5Media.
Other than the professional goal I am working on for the start of the year, I would continue doing my best on my current full-time job, and my greatest as a husband and father.

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