Shred the Additional Pounds Gained over the Holidays

Post Huge Juggernaut

I and people around me were diet conscious before the holiday season knowing the number of parties to attend, the amount of food ready to be chowed, and the number of calories to be gained over the two week holiday sprint. The holiday season isn’t supposed to be the time to go on a diet especially when the food were prepared by your loved ones. While you are not supposed to “pig” out either, I would expect people gaining a few pounds here and there.

I weighed myself in on January 2 and found out I gained additional 8 pounds over two weeks. No regrets here, it was well worth it. Now that the holiday season is over, it’s time to get in the mood of losing weight again.

Having eaten more lately than I should, have increased my appetite and if I don’t get this in control I would continue increasing my appetite until I lose control. In my previous article, I talked about starting the year on fire, and getting back in shape shouldn’t even be in the list but something you do outright.

Below are three simple things you can do to get back in shape:

1. Go back to work – going back to work, getting in the work mode, and doing your previous routine should help you kick-off the campaign

2. Forget the food – forget all the goodies you ate, you are back in your usual routine and eat the foods you ate when you were lighter

3. Share the gifts – you might still have a few more pastries, cakes, candies, wines, liquor you got from the holiday. Knowing that some of these would expire soon doesn’t mean you have to eat all of them. Share them with your friends.

I think holiday is one of those exceptions throughout the year that you shouldn’t be thinking of dieting. With the Christmas and New Year season behind us, let’s go back to our healthy mode and get those pounds off again.

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