Successful Strategy of Hairworks Salon

Hairworks Salon is my one and only favorite salon to get my haircut and other hair services. I first went there four years ago and noticed their high quality of service compared to the salons and barber shops I have been to ever since.
Unmatched service

I occasionally went to other shops when time would not permit me to drop by at Hairworks since it became geographically out of the way when I transferred to another company; but still, I make it a point to go there at least once every two or three months as I have not found a place that could match their service. Their price of P250 (5 dollars) is already expensive because standard barber shops would only charge you P40 (dollar or less) but nevertheless they were far better even compared to more expensive shops I have been like Crispin Britanico which charged twice but giving you a lot of disappointment.
Last December 29th I went there and to my surprise Bong who cut my hair was no longer working there. Aside from that, their price increased to P450 (9 dollars). I was reluctant with the changes but nevertheless I had my haircut and still left satisfied. I am very pleased that Rey was able to understand and cut my hair the way I wanted it to be. I noticed an increase in their crew which allowed them to assign two people for one customer — cutting the hair, and cleaning the fallen hair.
In front of me I saw a photocopy of Marie Claire magazine (respectable and fashionable) naming them as one of the best salons in Metro Manila. I assume that is the reason for them to increase their price to allow them to raise their service. I felt good knowing I have been served extremely well.
Their strategy of providing high quality and low prices throughout the years has helped them grow their customer base and brand, which eventually led to recognition. Once they were already recognized as one of the best salons in Metro Manila they increased their price which I feel is fair enough considering they haven’t increased the amount for so many years despite the dive of the Peso value. Alongside the rise in fees they increased their level of service making customers happy.
The business was also able to maintain a pool of top quality cutters despite the loss of my favorite Bong. No one is indispensable. Companies should also ensure they keep their best people who served their customers and clients very well. Barring any reasons, they should also make sure that they have the proper training and processes to ensure smooth transition of their existing customers to new employees.
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