Experience in Diversity

I have written about the existence of diversity which says diversity exists in the workplace and we should understand and respect people and their different beliefs.

Not until New Year’s Eve of 2007 was I able to feel and experience the true meaning of diversity. My sister and I celebrated the New Year with her boyfriend’s family who has a different religion. My sister for quite some time has been attending the same community as her boyfriend which means I was the odd one out in the group.
During dinner time, I prayed differently than the rest of them which did not feel comfortable enough for me.
I now fully understand the magnitude and effort that a lot of companies have in diversity. Projects and companies that work on multi-site developments should respect different cultures and make sure everyone are accommodated. Placing policies and managing for diversities should be well in the work plan.
During planning in the project management phases, project managers should account for any additional time needed by team members or anyone in the team that is outside your standard culture. Best project management practice is to welcome diversity rather than blindly oversee the importance of it.
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