Sexy Muddy Girl Cools Off With a Soda

Muddy Girl with Drinks
Muddy Girl with Drinks

I found the picture above over at BizLevity and Mark is asking you to choose the caption from among the following list:

1) Soo-wee. Soo-wee, baby…
2) “Hey, do you want to do something really dirty?”
3) “Easy, cowboy. You gotta be this big to ride this ride…”
4) “You’ve already made honor roll. Wanna try for magna cum loud?”
5) “You’re damn right I’m good at math. You’ve got exactly three seconds to get your hand off my ass…”

I think the caption choices should be:

1. No matter how messy this situation is, this soda (or beer?) cools me off…
2. This soda is all I need…
3. Baby, I’m as cool as you are. Cheers!!!

I believe the photo presented can be a strong marketing campaign…

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