Second to None Leadership

Have you ever worked with a leader that pushes you so hard to win? The leader exemplifies high standards for performance? Someone who doesn’t know how to lose?
I have worked with a number of leaders who are like this. They seem to be everywhere in information technology probably because it is a necessity in our profession to be like that given the amount of pressure and level of competition there is right now.
Most people though dislike leaders who are like this; because leaders who work on becoming the best they could be expect their team to be like that. That doesn’t come easy because a lot of hours has to be put in and so much hard work is required.
Leaders of this type also criticize details relentlessly. Asking more from what is given.

That could be sickening. Throughout the years I learned to live in this kind of environment knowing the level of competition that is happening out there. Crush or be crushed as Jack Welch would put in.
Learning to work with a leader like this was very tough. Many times I feel I wanted to give up. I wanted to quit. But on second thought I felt I needed to respond to the challenge. I saw it as an opportunity for myself to improve and become the best that I could be. Instead of trying to look for another environment and running away I stuck with it. Who knows I might end up in a tougher environment after all and quitting was not the answer.
Through a lot of hard work and a lot of negative criticism swallowed from my leaders I became strong. Ready to face bumps ahead of me. This leadership style was passed on to me. I have developed into a very tough leader. Someone who can win. As a leader I emphasize the value of hard work. That everyday we have to prove ourselves. No amount of achievement will spare us from any future mistakes.
That is a difficult leadership philosophy for anyone new to handle. And yes, I have worked with people who seem to quit. But time and again I explain to them the value of this leadership style. That they need to push themselves because in any environment there is resistance and toughness may always be encountered.
Running for the rest of your life just is not the way to do it.
Run or evolve I say.


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