2 Steps back and 5 Steps Forward

My father taught me while growing up that there will be times in life that I shall need to take 2 steps backwards in order to take 5 steps forward. Success does not come easy and sometimes we find ourselves making mistakes only realizing them towards the end of our decision. For us to move forward and be the best we could be; we sometimes need move back or be the worst we can ever be.
Taking a step back is difficult because this forces us out of our usual comfort zone. We hesitate from the start and even after making the decision doubt will be there along the way until we regain the step back and move forward a series of steps ahead.
When I was starting my career I was fortunate enough to work in a company that paid me 3 times of the normal wage. Considering I was fresh out of college this was a big thing for me. But as I started to work I felt growth was nowhere in sight. I started to get bored and realized I would never achieve anything. Yes, by all standards my salary was way ahead of everyone else but it was just a matter of time when my peers caught up with me while I remained stuck and worse degrade in the foreseeable future.

What did I do then?
I started to apply to send out resume and not long after I got invites that resulted in job offers. Among the job offers I got the lowest paying company surprisingly offered the most trainings, reputation and was more advanced than any of them in technological terms.
The problem I had was the company’s 1/3 offer of what I was currently receiving. After careful analysis and evaluation I knew I had to make the leap if I am to succeed in my career.
So the hard times started — my financial standards nose-dived and were kept at the minimum level for the next three years. Boy was that difficult. People did not agree on what I did and saw my move as unnecessary given the pay I was receiving from my current employer.
What happened next?
Armed with an enormous amount of experience and skill after three years of hard work I was able to get a salary so much bigger than what I initially received after graduation. It was also bigger and better than any of college peers’ current salary at that time.
Did it stop there?
No. After 1 1/2 years I got another job that paid me more than what I was receiving, a position making me one of the youngest outsiders to join the company and an opportunity I could have never dreamed of.
Did I regret the Decision?
After 5 years from making the decision I reaped the fruits of my sacrifice and hard work. That was a long and hard time; but still, I would never have had the opportunity, skill and experience that I currently have if not for the steps I took backwards.
Will I do it again?
Certainly. I am a big time risk taker. I hate to lose but I am not afraid to lose either. I will fall countless of times but I know my heart has the capacity to stand up time and again.
My advice
Just as my father taught me — 2 steps backwards and 4 steps forward. It’s not easy but a choice you have to make in order to succeed.
The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice

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