Screw Link Exchange Sites and Focus

I am updating (July 27, 2006, 2350) this 5-month-old post because it fit Darren’s New Blog Writing Project on premise of: Write a post on the topic of what I’d do differently if I had to start my blog again.
1. The first thing I’d do is avoid signing-up on link exchange sites. Very, very bad. I got mails from sites telling me they already linked up to my site and wanted a link back. I checked the link and it is placed on a site that is totally way, way out of my topic and some being offensive and pornographic. I emailed them to remove the link but they would not respond anymore. As a result, I could never get out of my Google Page Rank of 2. I learned my lesson as my other sites have a PR of 5 — FIFA World Cup is one of them.
2. The second is having a focus. As I have previously written:

For quite sometime I have not been able to post quality content on this site. It’s not that I am lazy. It’s not that I am interested. It’s not that I am too busy on things.
I believe it’s because there are so many things on this site that just doesn’t feel right. Focus. Yes, it’s about the focus this site has.
My best friend Anton called me up and told me why the site feels different. Different articles posted. What’s it all about was his question.
This made me ponder on what this site really is. So here I am revamping the concept of what it’s all about. Inspired by my readings on Yuna and Steve Pavlina; this is going to be a personal development site. How to become a high performer individual. How to Dream. How to Rise from Rags to Riches.
From this time onwards this is going to be the site to look for encouragement. To look for courage. This is the site for people to succeed.
Impossible Is Nothing.

Nothing’s Impossible: Leadership Lessons from Inside and Outside the Classroom
Nothing beats quality content and quality links. I am thinking right now whether to leave this site and put up a new one or simply continously write quality content and slowly wait for the PR value to climb and quality links to pour in. As of this writing, I’d prefer the latter.

Nothing\'s Impossible: Leadership Lessons from Inside and Outside the Classroom

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