Project Management Phases – Part III

This is a continuation of the project management lifecycle post where we previously discussed project build phase.
Project Closure
Closing the project properly is an overlooked task by so many project managers and is usually taken for granted by teams and organizations. Project managers undervalue the importance of spending time on evaluating and analyzing what happened to the project and would rather move on to their next assignment.

Importance of closure
Proper closure is very important because it ensures everything has been taken cared of, and it also gives you better positioning in your next project. Everyone from the team would be able to recap and learn more from their previous project which could be significant it getting a better result the next time around.
What happens during closure
A document is prepared which contains the following information per phase of the project: deliverables, results and quality delivered, resources allocated, completed return/off-load of resource accountability, completed sign-off documents, issues encountered, reusable assets, improvements and lessons learned.
It is convenient for anyone to move to another project without going through proper closure activities; but remember, it would be convenient to everyone if these things are done properly and correctly.
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