Peyton Manning Committed to Personal Development to Win Super Bowl title and MVP after Years of Failure

pPeyton Manning Super Bowl Champion MVP XLI
I am impressed with Peyton Manning who has shown determination and perseverance in developing into one of the greatest football quarterbacks in history after enduring years of defeat and disappointment.
Focus on the goal

He has never won a title (reported here) back in high school, college and NFL despite his skills, leadership, talent and maturity. For years he has remained committed to his profession and relentlessly stayed in the game focus to take the title someday.
On Sunday, he led the Colts to Super Bowl XLI en route to winning his MVP award. He has showed adaptability during the game by changing from deep (long) passes to quick short ones because of rain and mud, worst nightmare of quarterbacks.
He waited long to get this far and throughout the years I am sure he was conscious on his personal development as he took care of his body, trained well, increased his football IQ and got better overall.
Point to remember
I remembered back in high school how I lost more than fifteen straight competitions that got my confidence shaking. It was a nightmare as I became a laughing stock in school; but nevertheless I did not give up focused on my personal development. After relentlessly monitoring my personal development, I only needed to win a bronze medal to win the rest of the competitions I engaged in for the next two years. Since my losing streak, I have won more than 90 percent of the time and I kept getting better at what I did.
Don’t give up
Giving up is not an option and as long as your heart knows you have what it takes to win, go for it. Sometimes the best things in life are not handed in a silver plate; sometimes they require a long and difficult journey. Unless you are faced with a hopeless situation (becoming a rock star while your life’s training is geekery), don’t tire out honing your craft and working on your personal development, someday you will bear the fruit of your labor.
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