Loosen up, Small talk is fine…

In Steve’s forum someone posted about hating small talk because it is a big waste of time and instead should engage in intellectual conversations.
Don’t be a loser

I used to hate small talk and whenever people around me started talking non-intellectual challenging topics I remain quiet. Later on I realized I am a big loser thinking how smart I am when in fact I am just one faceless person struggling to become successful in life. Also, the most important thing is not the type of conversation but the relationship you build with people around you regardless of what you are talking about. There is a time for everything and small talk is fine being in your menu. Loosen up! Your ability to engage, contribute and entertain in small talks show your adaptability to different situations.
You’re not as smart as you think you are
The problem with some people is they think their smart and would like to talk about complex things all the time; but come to think of it, they are faceless common people struggling in life.
I had friends back in college who were perceived as the most stupid people in school. They fooled around, talked and laughed like jerks and engaged in small and nonsense topics most of the time. I remember my professor even scolded one of them and said he would not amount to anything in life. Later on, the word leaked out that they owned the McDonald franchise where most of us ate, gigantic malls, ships, etc. In short, they were billionaires and they were actually very smart people once you get them to talk to you seriously.
My point is to loosen up; there are times for serious talk and times for small talk. Don’t pretend you’re Einstein and engaging in small talk would ruin your value. Enjoy the moment, that’s what matters.
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