It is Tremendous When People Pause and Say Thank You

A simple “Thank You” in the title immediately puts a smile in your face knowing someone was acknowledging something given to him. That’s exactly how I felt upon seeing Steve’s latest post thanking all his readers for the success and good life it has brought them. He went on by saying how feedback from readers have literally brought him to tears with the way he helped in serving the highest good of all.
Seldom do we see people pause for a while, reflect on the success they reached and look back at the people who have helped them reach their goals. Saying “Thank You” is short yet so powerful that brings the receiver a certain level of pride that he has contributed in the success of the person.

Experience in Point
Last week our senior manager took all capability leads to dinner and his opening talk centered on saying “Thank You” to all of us for our contribution in helping the organization make great strides in the last fiscal year and thanked as in advanced for our future efforts and success as we open the next fiscal year.
As he detailed all our achievements, I realized how time flew so fast and how much we accomplished in short span of time. Only during that time I was able to look back and appreciate the teamwork, camaraderie and accomplishments we have done, including feeling fulfilled for the role I played during the fiscal year. We do have regular checkpoints and general assemblies thanking and telling us how we have performed; but the dinner I was in which was attended by a small group of leads was special because it seemed more personal, sincere and warmth which inspired me to perform better the following fiscal year.
Values Learned
As I have experienced what it felt like hearing the gratitude on a personal level, I would pay it forward on my team by congratulating them and thanking them on their contributions for reaching milestones using one-on-one meetings or smaller gatherings instead of just sending “Thank You” success notes through mail distribution lists.
I would like to think that aside from the monetary rewards handed out during milestone successes, the power of thanking the person’s contribution on a personal level leaves a lasting effect, positive note, sense of importance and belongingness to the team and organization as a whole.
When was the last time you expressed your gratitude to your team?
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