Greatness Starts with our Thoughts

So many Great People. Monumental Task?
Not really. Analyze the roots of greatness and they are no bigger than our thoughts. Yes, it all starts with the way we think. The way we think determines the way we act. Our actions determine the course of our destination.
What goes on inside your thoughts?
Fear? Depression? Surrender? Anxiety? I hope not but most people maintain a level of negative thoughts within themselves. If this is their battle shield to get them from failure then failure will fall upon them.
Don’t despair because within the deepest feelings within there is a voice that wants to get out. A voice that shouts at the top of his lungs telling you reaches out and fulfills your destiny. It is telling you to dream, act and reach your full potential.

Why only few Great people?
Only few listen to the inner voice of greatness. Often times we delve on all the bad things that surround us which eats up most of our time. Our time spent on coping up with anxiety, depression, fear, etc. is equivalent to losing one step towards our goal.
All of us, from different cultures, status, nationalities have the potential to be great. The seeds of greatness are buried within us waiting to be unlocked.
How to unlock the seed?
Awareness. We need to be aware and accept the fact that Greatness is for everyone. The only requirement is unlocking our seeds and knowing what to do with them. We cannot become one of the big guys if we think small, we cannot become rich if we think poorly. Can you?
What are the requirements to becoming great?
Fill your thought with greatness. Instead of occupying your brains with negative wasted information; fill them up with stories of the greatest people doing great things for a greater cause. Our mindset and outlook will enable us to think great and sooner or later it will show in our actions and deeds.
What is Greatness?
Greatness encompasses any material wealth and possession. It comes from our goodness, humility, character, sense or responsibility to other people, sense of making things better than the last one you did. It all starts with our basic values. By incorporating all these things in our everyday life, we continuously add value in our actions that result in people admiring or even following in our footsteps.
Through our actions we leave people with a better outlook and feel of what it takes to become great. This level of greatness will be transferred from one generation to the next helping our future grandchildren’s.
Look for Mentors
Having a mentor is very important because it automatically gives us a path for us to follow. Start by looking at the people around us. We can read books on biographies of the greatest people from past to present.
Don’t miss the Train

Yes. Do not, I repeat — Do not — let your greatness slip right in front of you.

If you feel bad about something, remember that the greatest people were built in time through their trials and darkest memories.
It all starts in your brain.

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