Do you Rise amidst Chaos?

I was the number 1 student in class during 2nd year high school. I did mention class not entire batch, but still my class status won the vote of my classmates and teacher to choose me to represent them in competitions.
And there I was preparing for one competition after another. I spent my nights in front of books preparing for quiz bee competitions, practicing with the chess varsity team, playing for the soccer intramurals, speaking in front of a mirror in my room for an elocution, oratorical and declamation contest, etc. With all my efforts and hard work; I consistently lost one competition after another. Yes, no matter what I did everything seemed to fail. It is one of those times in your life that was filled with jinx. For almost four months I lost every contest I competed on. I became the laughing stock of my classmates that no one would volunteer to represent the class in any upcoming contest in fear of suffering the same fate that I have.

Keeping my head up at that age was difficult. I had to face defeat with dignity and pride. I would not allow myself to get buried in the realms of mediocrity. I accepted to compete in more competitions despite the smiling faces of my classmates as they unanimously voted for me to represent them.
I kept on going and going and going no matter what. The harder I failed the harder I worked and prayed. And true enough, after countless of shameless defeats; I earned my first win via a bronze medal finish in an oratorical contest. I felt I have won a world competition in what was only supposed to be an inter-class competition. Nevertheless the taste of victory that dried my inner senses for so long had been so sweet accompanied by a feeling I could not explain. From that time on I have won almost every competition I fought on. I had defeats along the way but they only came after a series of victories.
The countless of times I failed and the countless of times I tried to win was the number of times I became stronger and better. It is during the most difficult times when a person’s character is built to withstand whatever pains and failures he may encounter in the future.
What Keeps A Person Standing during Defeat?
Confidence should always stand on solid ground. The right amount of confidence is being able to see the mistakes or weaker decisions you made that resulted in losses. Let your confidence level lie low and you end up losing your self-trust that would bring you more failure. On the other hand, having more than you can handle will blind you from the truth that will make you better and put you a step closer on winning your goals.
Your success will greatly depend on your attitude. Are you a whiner that opens his mouth in despair cursing everyone else for his failures? Or are you the one who coils himself on bed thinking how cursed he is?
Or better yet, are you the one who sees the bottle as half full than half empty? Someone who continuously sees things in a different angle; that there is no such thing as failure but rather see them as learning’s for us to improve and get better?
The right attitude of seeing the bottle as half full rather than half empty will keep our feelings up high all the time. Attitude is the source of youthfulness that will run through your system making you work harder in order to win the next time around.
When all our emotional levels reach below normal and we are left wandering around searching for the purpose of our existence; motivation provide the elixir to breath life into our system. Our motivation will sub-consciously whisper the purpose of our efforts and dreams. It is like the kiss of life awakening snow white from her deepest spell.
Now ask yourself. What or who motivates you to work hard on a daily basis. Is it the picture of your child? Parents? Loved ones?
Who keep standing during defeat?
These are the types of people who would not let their teams down. They will fight with all their might and ensure victory or defeat with dignity and pride of having fought until the very end. They believe so much in themselves and their capacity to lead their team to victory. They are the people that stay longer and try harder, increasing chances of triumph knowing that their efforts will pay off sooner or later; but it will. The leader’s aura is contagious setting the emotional tone and outlook of everyone else; increasing everybody’s winning results.
Who is considered a Leader?
There are those that were appointed and officially hold the title of leadership. Regardless of the title anyone can be a leader. He could lead his office teammates, family, friends, or any group that requires guidance, strength and could greatly bind the group to achieving their goals.
Are you the person that could stand amidst chaos? Are you the Leader?

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