FIFA World Cup TV Package Deals

The FIFA World Cup is fast approaching and a number of TV deals is available including high definition to enjoy the greates sporting event in the world.
Kara Gammell has written an article about the various TV packages you can choose from. In an excerpt:
After a ruling by Ofcom, the communications regulator, in March, Sky was required to reduce its wholesale price for the Sky Sports packages by up to 23pc, which has triggered an all-out price war and is fantastic news for any sports fan.
Customers can choose from a huge range of options, in both standard definition and high definition (HD) – from Freeview, where the World Cup will be shown on BBC and ITV, through to premium Sky Sports and ESPN on the pay digital TV platforms such as Sky, Virgin Media, BT and Top Up TV.

See the packages here — World Cup: the best TV package deals

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