Do not be like Planet Pluto in your Organization

I was surprised that after decades of scientific debate and argument, I heard in the radio yesterday morning that Pluto is no longer a planet which immediately brought sadness as it was one of those planets I could easily remember and answer correctly which position it belongs in the solar system when I was in elementary along with Planet Mercury.
I would not go over the long list of scientific arguments explaining it’s demotion from the solar system but instead look at one of the simple explanations handed out by scientists — It’s too small to be considered a planet.

This give dwarf people below 3 feet something to worry about that maybe ther will no longer be big enough to be considered as humans, though humans and planet classification may be not be directly appropriate to compare; I could see some relation in a person visibility in an organization vital in his success.
I have written a post similar to this and the excerpt is found below:

Would you agree that to become a leader, visibility in an organization is more important than skills? I hate to admit this premise as I am hard on competition with technical skills supplemented by soft skills such as communication, being sociable and a fair public image but being reminded and coached by a lot of my senior managers and having seen the progression of a number of people in various organizations on visibility as a major factor is compelling enough to believe the importance of this in progressing your career.
In a lot of occasions, senior managers have stressed the importance of being visible to your team, group, and division of even the entire organization but do it in such way that you won’t look like a kick ass politician spattering your face and name all over the place. It’s hard to accept this fact, but anywhere and everywhere you go, a sense of politics exist and the one who can put his foot out the door more, is the one most likely to succeed.
How do you do it?
1. E-Mail Regularly – Almost always send emails for updates on your current task progress or even lack of progress since this will show that you are always on top of things. Long time ago, I heard a manager’s philosophy on this: Email your client even to say nothing. — Enough said.
2. Availability – Be available all the time by making sure your manager or team can reach you any time of the day and everyday. I agree that outside the working hours is personal time and I display being reachable during personal time, but on so many instances when something unexpected screws up or senior management needs to bank on someone, the person who is always easy to contact becomes the go-to-guy and in the long run, he builds an image of dependability.

The lesson I am trying to drive is start getting yourself visible in the organization to become successful and reap the rewards of your success. There is no award for being the smallest, farthest and least visible person in an organization.
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