Different Motivations for Different People

Once a colleague belittled a team member explaining that was his way to motivate the individual, which turned out to be the reason the teammate asked for a transfer. How you motivate people differ from one individual to another and using a particular style should be thought of first before being implemented.
How do you identify the kind of motivational style that works best for the individual?

I keep my analysis simple. If the person is sensitive I would use positive remarks and encouragement to boost the person’s morale and enthusiasm in work. If the person is aggressive and tough I would be more upbeat, challenging him in every turn.
There are others things that would help you determine how to motivate individuals and often, surveys is your most powerful alley. As long as people were educated enough on the importance and value of surveys, they would be willing to voice out complains or approval knowing that it would be for their best interest and not a means to get back on them.
Management and Human Resource department should come up with questionnaires that help determine employee’s satisfaction on the management style used to handle him, and decide whether to send them out individually or anonymously. For small teams, none of this matter as long as surveys where sent out to everyone. For large teams, strategy on breaking down groupings or keeping them as one should be analyzed and evaluated on a case to case basis. After survey were filled out, the company should put things in place to address issues because surveys would not be as effective and credible if people don’t see changes, so it is very important to follow-through with plans and actions implemented successfully.

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