Buster Martin as the Oldest Worker in London is an Inspiration

How many people get burnt out after a few years of work? How many people found a fit into their profession and feel happy with what their doing? How many people wake up in the morning going to work without feeling they are working at all?
I am reading this inspiring article from Yahoo News on the “Buster” Martin who happens to be the oldest worker in London at the age of 100. In an excerpt:

ONDON (AFP) – Britain’s oldest worker has enjoyed a day off to celebrate his 100th birthday but explained he would become a “miserable sod” if he ever had to retire for good.
“Buster” Martin, a mechanic for a south London plumbing firm who has 17 children and 70 grandchildren and great grandchildren, tried giving up work at the age of 97 but couldn’t face the boredom.
“Boredom is a big killer of men,” he told the Daily Telegraph. “I went back to work because I like to keep active,” adding that if he ever retired he would become “the most miserable sod you have come across.”

Its great to hear people who have worked all their lives and still enjoy what their doing. Do you see yourself feeling the same way in your current profession or work?
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