Apple Carbon Fiber iPad Casing, Does it Matter?

Apple iPhone CaseApple has filed a patent for their iPad housing using carbon fiber grade material. The patent application number is 20100289390. The patent in a nutshell says:
A housing for an electronic device or other object formed from a fiber-in-matrix material. A layered fiber-in-matrix type material, such as CFRP, may be used. A spine made from CFRP may support, and be attached to, a CFRP skin. The CFRP spine may be a unitary frame that imparts strength and rigidity to the overall housing and also form at least some of the corners of the frame. In some embodiments, the spine may be rectangular. The skin may be formed from multiple layers of CFRP type material stacked atop each other. Each layer may be cut at one or more corners to expose at least a portion of the layer beneath. The skin may thus have an overall cross shape, such that each arm of the cross may be wrapped around a different side of the aforementioned rectangular spine.
I’m pleased that Apple is improving the durability & strength of their electronics housing but I don’t think users really care. Users are going to go out of their way and buy all sorts of housing protection to be added on top of their gadget no matter how strong the default housing is. Users need another level of protection, a security blanket, a component for their peace of mind.
I don’t see the rationale in here. It’s like seeing a car being used with a car cover in it. Ok, I think that’s a little far off.
Users will not care much about the durability of the existing case as they are spending dollars for a better case which suits them. More than protection, users need to personalize their gadgets.
Apple is doing what they should be doing with their product and the users would continue using them as they see fit. Again, thanks to Apple for making sure their product can be as strong as possible without relying on their vendor ecosystem.

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