Why You Should Never Forget to Ask Questions in the Interview

People usually remain silent after their possible future employer have asked them a ton of questions in an interview. Tired from answering a barrage of questions, continous thought and evaluation on how they performed, and feeling a sense of freedom to go back to their usual self are some of the reasons that people do not ask questions to the interviewer anymore. Leaving without asking anything is a big mistake for your career.

Why ask questions?
Show deep interest to your future employer? Develop an interaction with your interviewer? Show you are serious about their business? Yes, these are some reasons why you should ask questions; but the most important thing for your inquiry is to be able to determine whether you fit and would succeed in their environment. You should size up your future employer as much as they are sizing you up.
The questions you ask should be in line with the following…
1. Company’s culture
2. Career progression
3. Reward system
4. Skill development
5. Environment initiatives
6. Teamwork philosophies
Remember, the importance of their working environment is of the same weight as your importance to them; make the most of the interview and keep in mind it is not a one way conversation.
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